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Cadillac Walk is a supergroup of Orange County's elite classic rock players. Playing artful, tight, and melodic arrangements of classic and contemporary rock tunes from edgy, hard driving, and punchy dancerock grooves, to lyrical and introspective listening music. They play their extensive songlist with the creative conviction of the original artists.

Bruce Boulanger - Guitar and Vocals, Songwriter

Graduated from the Dick Grove School of Music, and played in several popular Orange County groups including Headway and Just Right. Bruce toured internationally with recording artist Boz Scaggs, and performed with television entertainer John Davidson, and has also appeared on the Tonight Show.

Steve Grom - Guitar, Sax, and Keyboards

Toured the US and Canada with groups including Jumpstart, State Prism, The Roto Rooter Goodtime Christmas Band, and The Wonder Band. Steve does appearances worldwide for Fender, Rhodes, Gibson, Orange Amplifiers, Tobias, Steinberger, G&L Musical Instruments, and BBE Sound.

Greg Reynolds - Drums and Percussion

Perhaps the group's most versatile musician in the band, plays in rock bands, jazz combos as well as swing bands and symphonic groups all over Southern California. Received his music degree at Cal State Fullerton.

Jim Kelley - Bass Guitar

Journeyman Funk Rock/Classic Rock bassist for numerous Southern California club bands. A veteran of the resort circuit. Played with George Johnson (Brothers Johnson).

Matt Denembo - Vocal